A school in panchgani with Tradition of Excellence…

Our Vision & Mission
The only aim of the school is to give the best education in the best channelized form in correct proportion of the curriculum laced with ample recreation The school firmly believes that education must encourage and help to develop skills in communication, critical but rational thinking, reasoning, analysis and synthesis.

The goal of the school is to instill in the students a love of learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level. Our Principal, Mr. Tushar Akhade leaves no stones unturned to  help to promote confidence, direction and critical thinking skills, leading to the development among the students.

A mothers love, compassion and endearment is experienced in the form of Mrs Rajashree Sanjay Ghodke, a trustee and in true sense the driving force behind the smooth and successful function of the hostel.

Admissions Open for 2018