The school is affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Besides school encourages imparting hi-tech training using I-ken Digital Education Systems and computers and other audio visual aids in the field of information technology, Yoga, meditation and prayer are the part of the school routine to boost the mental physical and spiritual development of the youngsters.

Imparting Values
The school firmly believes that no society can claim greatness and survive longer if its foundation is not built upon a strong ethical base, the school therefore lays a strong emphasis on the moral, aesthetic and physical growth of each individual, academic activities are amply backed up by the equally co curricular activities like dramatics. Drawing , painting, storytelling, poetry recitation etc,. Talent Night and Cultural Variety programs boost the confidence of the child.

Study Tours and Field visits
Field visits, study tours, social service programs, trekking-camps are organized
Periodically as scheduled in the school’s annual fixture, School also conducts regular.
Classes of karate, skating, music, dance, public speaking and hobby classes such as art and craft, Rangoli etc